I started my career as a nurse, working both in hospitals and in the kraamzorg. Working in the 80s and 90s, I noticed that shared knowledge regarding breastfeeding was limited, and I became increasingly interested in the practice and theory of breastfeeding. During my travels all over the world, I was exposed to many other approaches to breastfeeding, which helped me realize there were so many different and better ways! At that time, the profession of lactation specialist did not yet exist in the Netherlands. When the first course was introduced in 1994, I immediately enrolled.

What started as an experiment, quickly become a full-time job. The need for lactation specialists was much greater than anticipated. In 1995, I opened the first lactation specialists practise of Amsterdam. After five years, Myrte van Lonkhuijsen and I joined forces and combined our expertise to create the Amsterdam Breastfeeding centre (‘Borstvoedingscentrum Amsterdam’), which became an institution in the breastfeeding community.

Since 2017 I run a solo practice in Amsterdam. Besides my work in Holland I travel a few months per year with the purpose to meet and work with other colleagues and breastfeeding mums in other parts of the world. The influence of culture on breast-feeding and the way we create solutions for problems is a major source for inspiration in my work. In addition my expertise opens doors to meet beautiful people.