Breastfeeding may be a ‘natural’ process but this does not mean it does not raise any q uestions. As breastfeeding works differently for each mother and child, not all the answers to your questions can be found online, in books or by talking to other mothers. Once you understand the specific needs and characteristics of your child and situation, it becomes much easier to resolve any issues, or answer any questions, that may arise.

My 20 years of experience as a lactation specialist provides me with all the tools needed to assist you in this process.

You can make an appointment to discuss a specific problem, or to confirm that your current method is the right one for you and your child. These questions may come up at the beginning of your breastfeeding journey or after several months. I can help you answer questions on the feeding itself, on expressing, on finding ways to fit breastfeeding into your life, and on working towards a sustainable balance between breastfeeding and expressing.


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